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General Information

#30 Retreat

This case shows a mesial root with a three canals in the apical third.  The distal root has an apical bifurcation.



#3 RCT

Four canal molar with bifurcation in apical third of palatal canal.




#4 RCT

Three canaled upper first premolar.







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#25 Retreatment

Two canaled lower first incisor.  40% of these teeth have two canals but only 2-3% have separate apical foramina.




State-of-the-art Microscopic Endodontics
#19 Retreatment

Despite previous root canal treatment and apicoectomy, the mesial root was still failing.  The tooth was retreated non-surgically only, finding a third mesial canal.




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#13 Retreatment & Separated File Removal

A separated rotary file in the apical third beyond the curvature was removed prior to retreatment.





#14 RCT

Upper first molar with five canals - two mesiobuccals, two palatals and two distobuccals (which joined early to form one canal).





#30 RCT & Separated File Removal

A previously started treatment with separated file blocking the mesiobuccal canal in a necrotic case.  The file was removed and root canal treatment completed.